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Great Exhibition Building
Great Exhibition Building
St Lawrence`s Church
Hedsor Wharf
East Window of Chapel, Reading Abbey
Ruins of Reading Abbey, with a cottage to the right
A Cottage in the Ruins of Reading Abbey 1854-56
Distant View of Reading
Christening of HRH the Prince of Wales
Reading Abbey Gateway
Troops Resting
Oracle, Reading
Straw Yard - Mr Sherwood`s Farm at Norcote
Old Wash house in the House in Broad Street.
Old Caversham Mill
Old Caversham Mill
Old Cottages Formerly Standing Outside Reading Somewhere Near the Present Railway Station.
Lane at Norcote
Interior of Mr. Sherwoods Stable at Norcote.
Fountain in the gardens of White Knightly
On the Towing Path
Eel Traps near Caversham Old Mill
In the Oracle
In the old building called The Oracle
In the Oracle
Cattle Bridge in the Kennet Meadows
In the meadows at Hungerford.
Towing path on the Kennet
Boat House on the Thames.
In the Castle Ruins Reading Abbey
In the Castle Ruins Reading
In the Castle Ruins Reading
Landscape near Reading
Near Reading
Norcote - Mr Sherwoods Farm
Old Bridge which Formerly Stood near the Biscuit Factory.
On the way to Caversham
Near Caversham Mill
Old Caversham Bridge
Landscape sketch
River Study 2
John Snare Senior
Design for a stained glass window for Congregational Church, Broad Street, Reading
The Clappers, Caversham
Portrait of a young man with a crop